Supporting Your Soon-to-be Bride During Wedding Planning

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The day you get engaged will easily be one of the most memorable events of your life. You’ll be high on life, romance, and the idea that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with the person you love. But before you reach that point, you must first have to go through the hellish wedding planning. So, here’s how you can support your future bride throughout the preparations:

Remind Her to Eat, Sleep, Rest, and Breathe

Planning a wedding is time-consuming. It will take up all your soon-to-be bride’s time, from the moment she wakes up in the morning to the time she lies on the bed to sleep at night. And it will be like this until your wedding day, so you better be ready to help her out. Your job as her partner is to take care of her while she takes care of the wedding preparations.

If she’s too busy with meeting vendors, fitting her gown, or fixing the seat plan to get up and eat lunch, bring her some food. Remind her to sleep and rest because there’s still enough time tomorrow to plan the wedding. And make sure that she remembers to breathe from time to time. The wedding isn’t worth compromising her health and sanity over. So, help her find the right balance.

Lend a Hand When She Asks for It

Don’t tell her that it’s up to her to decide, or you’ll go with whatever she chooses because that’s not helpful at all. If she’s asking for your opinion, there’s a big chance that she actually wants to hear what you want to say. So try not to patronize her and say your honest opinion because that’s more helpful.

An excellent example of this is when you’re trying to find the right wedding band for her. Surely, this process will take some time because there are a lot of options to choose from. However, instead of letting her choose on her own and just agreeing with whatever she picks, actively participate in the decision-making to make the process easier. After all, these rings are going to be on both of your fingers for the rest of your lives.

Divide the Tasks Among Yourselves

Don’t let your soon-to-be bride plan the entire wedding herself unless she says so. But even then, you should be ready to help her out because she won’t be able to do everything herself. After all, this wedding is for both of you. So, the best way to move forward is to divide the tasks among yourselves.

If your partner doesn’t trust you with the decorations or menu tasting, you can show your initiative for the tasks you believe you can do just fine. For instance, if you have a knack for music, then tell her to leave finding the wedding band in your hands. At least this way, you can take some responsibility off of her plate.

Be Her Rock and Support System

Undeniably, planning a whole wedding is exhausting. It can drain a person’s energy because it has a lot of different aspects that have to be handled within a short time frame. You’re lucky if you have at least a year to plan, but any less than that can make anyone feel strapped for time. So, prepare for the worst.

If your soon-to-be bride is very detail-oriented and meticulous, you should expect that the planning will be twice as stressful for her as it will be for you. This means that you should be her rock in these trying times. Show her that you’ll support her every step of the way and that you won’t leave her to fend for herself.

Wedding planning can bring out the best and worst in every couple. For one, it can force out deep-seated issues that have failed to be addressed before the engagement. Plus, the stress and exhaustion alone can bring anyone to the edge of their sanity. That sums up the worst parts of it.

On the other hand, planning can also bring out the good. It can strengthen your teamwork and how you can work together in the face of adversities. Your ability to troubleshoot any problem that arises throughout the wedding planning can also be indicative of who you’ll handle issues in the future.

So don’t let your relationship end before it even begins just because you failed to support each other during the wedding planning. The preparations may be exhausting, but as long as you’re willing to go through it together, then nothing should get in the way of you starting your marriage on good footing.

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