Reveal the Best Version of Yourself: 6 Self-destructive Habits to Kick

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Some people see every situation as a competition, with a few stepping on others to stay ahead of the game. Pushing beyond our limits is a part of healthy competition, but being overly competitive is another story. It is better to win over yourself than compete with others.

You can achieve the best version of yourself without seeking validation from others or pleasing anyone. If you start doing this, your outlook on life will improve. And you will not worry if others reach their dreams earlier than you do.

Keep in mind that your biggest rival is your version yesterday. To improve, you need to curb self-destructive behavior. 

The Habits You Should Break

Your outlook will decide whether you build or destroy yourself. In this case, you need to break the following habits:

  1. Fear of Failure: Failure is a part of the process. The only thing that matters is how you get up. Your failure is not yet the end but rather the starting point. It is your chance to learn and change. A positive mindset will help you overcome your fears. Furthermore, it can help you reflect on what has been wrong. Set up goals to keep you going and achieve success.
  2. Fear of Success: Some people are also afraid to reach their goals. They tend to overthink, such as fearing added responsibilities or increased expectations. They fear not to handle their success well. Again, you are not doing this for anyone else. You are doing this for yourself. The success you have is your gain from the efforts you exerted. Never doubt or feel uncomfortable with your decisions, as long as it’s for a good purpose.
  3. Pleasing Others: This article has mentioned this several times already. Stop doing things for the sake of others. Start putting yourself first. Learn to say no if you don’t feel good about it. You are saving yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that. Afterward, you will start regaining who you are and build more confidence. Live your life to be better than yesterday.
  4. Bitterness Over the Success of Others: Stop being pessimistic toward others’ success. They are the same as you, fighting their own battles. It is not good to judge or criticize them. You have to create your path in this lifetime. Everyone in this world has a different road to take. Sooner or later, you will reach your dreams without hurting anyone. Success is sweeter when you achieve it upright.
  5. Procrastination: Stop delays tactics. Do the things that you can fulfill today. Set goals using the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) technique. This tool is effective in goal setting. You have to take full responsibility for your actions. So it is crucial to be precise.
  6. Negative Self-talk: A negative mindset toward yourself will not do any good. You are the first person to help yourself up. So you have to free yourself from nonsense ideas. It is typical to experience self-talk. But if it fills you with negative thoughts about you, it’s not helping you at all. If you continue doing this, you are self-destructing.

Each person faces distinct battles. But it is best not to compare. Your focus should remain on your goals alone. You are here to achieve what you deserve. Keeping that mindset will allow you to be proud even with your simple gains.

Life can be challenging. But you are to decide how you can pass through. Your positive attitude will help you win these battles. In this case, you need to start building yourself.

Start Building Yourself

The first thing you need to do is to take care of yourself. Moreover, you also have to do something that will refresh you. Start doing the things that you love. Aside from that, prioritize your well-being. Your health matters all the time.

It is also not wrong to pamper yourself once in a while. Go to your favorite spa for a laser hair removal treatment or a massage. Spoil yourself with the things that will make you happy. Relaxation is essential to release the stress and tension from your body.

Final Thoughts

The path you take in achieving your goals can be rough. That is why your efforts to withstand hardships deserve a good prize. You are also uplifting your spirit by doing this. Your drive will stay intact as you get closer to your goals.

You are the only key to upgrade yourself. You only have yourself to fill in the things you need to achieve success.  So go ahead and build yourself. Win every battle and be the best version of yourself.

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