Perfect Imperfections: What Many People Often Get Wrong About Plastic Surgery

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Every year, there are millions of people around the world who undergo some form of plastic surgery. Due to the media and other misinformation available on the Internet, the practice has gained a bit of a bad reputation.

While some tend to overdo their procedures, the fact still stands that plastic surgery has made many people not only more confident about the way they look but also lead a more convenient life. After all, the practice isn’t only for the pursuit of beauty, as many often put it.

It has also helped people who have been victims of unfortunate events that caused issues with some functions of their body. Still, there are many common misconceptions about plastic surgery everywhere which, unfortunately, can lead to bad, misinformed decisions regarding the practice.

Here are some of them.

It’s mainly for vanity

Facelifts and breast augmentation are two of the procedures that get thrown around easily due to the publicity these get. There are others as well, such as rhinoplasty here in Colorado, more commonly known as a nose job, and liposuction.

However, while common, these are only a small portion of the entire plastic surgery practice. There are plenty of surgeons worldwide who also perform surgeries to address common congenital disabilities. These include cleft lips and breast reconstructions for patients who received cancer treatments.

It’s only accessible to the rich and famous

While many insurance companies do not include plastic surgery in their coverage, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the procedures are exclusively for the wealthy. As technology continues to advance through the years, most procedures have become remarkably affordable compared to how it was a decade ago.

In fact, according to statistics, the majority of the people who get some work done are middle-income earners.

It’s more available to women

This one is completely false. Over the last two decades, there has been a very significant increase in the number of men getting plastic surgeries – a whopping 325%. Men have expressed their thoughts through recent studies about how having a more youthful, pleasing appearance affects them.

These include their chances of getting promotions at work and remaining competitive in a tight workplace.

It’s extremely dangerous

Beauty woman giving botox injections

Every type of surgery, whether it’s reconstructive or not, comes with a number of risks. There are no specific indications that show plastic surgery as a more dangerous procedure than others in the medical field. Still, it’s highly important to do proper consultations with your doctor if you’re considering undergoing any surgery.

Finally, there’s this idea that people who’ve had something done should prevent sun exposure. This misconception is a result of the fact that getting exposed to the sun and heat causes scars ad skin imperfections to become more noticeable and significantly redder.

It’s common for skin that’s still in the healing process post-surgery to look red and pigmented when under the sun. But, while limited sun exposure is great for overall skin health, it’s perfectly safe for a person to go out in the sun after getting surgery.

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