The Chic and Savvy Ways to Style Your Party Without Breaking the Bank

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Styling a gorgeous party is possible without throwing in a huge portion of your budget for single-use décor. You can pull off an effortlessly chic party with less decorating work and without breaking the bank.

Serve Decorative Food

Include canape platters in your catering menu using classic Melbourne comfort food ingredients. Not only are these bite-sized beauties oozing with appeal; they’re also party menu must-haves. It’s got all the things you want for starters or appetisers – all the flavors with the perfect combination of textures in one delicious serving. They aren’t called decorative foods for nothing; canapes are prepared using techniques that combine color, texture, and garnish that make them visually appealing and appetizing.

If you’re looking for something that can add color and lend a nice decorative touch, canape platers have everything you need. Best of all, decorative food is consumable and you won’t need to face the guilt of having to dispose of all the single-use decor once the party is over. 

Use Stylish Dinnerware

Glasses and dinnerware in a restaurant with mood lighting

The flatware you use can also fill the role of decorative elements when styling a party. Colored glassware adds a surprising element to a table setting, for example. And if you want to create a fun look, use a complementary color scheme for your tableware, ideally in vivid, jewel-toned shades. It instantly livens up a table setting, especially if the dinner table is the focal point in your entertaining space. Placing colorful tableware on your buffet table creates an equally attractive setup. The pop of color livens up the space and doubles up the festive mood.

Use Stylish Containers

Never underestimate the transformative effect of using stylish beverage dispensers as opposed to regular containers. A great example of these stylish dispensers is a gallon size glass container built with a knob of flip type faucet to dispense the drink. Make attractive drinks in see-through jars by adding some fresh fruit slices in the mix to improve the flavor and create an aesthetically appealing corner in your entertaining space. 

Pile Up on Cocktail Garnish

Different kinds of cocktails and garnish

You can never go wrong with these decorative bits of fresh or dried fruit and spices. They add more flair and style to your drinks and to your bar setup. These create an elegant yet relaxed vibe. Placing them in strategic areas in your space creates an air of abundance that your guests will surely feel and notice. It’s a savvy way to infuse your design with fresh and vibrant ornamentation and color scheme, and something that your guests can actually enjoy. 

Use Soft Lighting

Set the mood right with proper lighting. Nobody feels relaxed under stark, white lighting. Fairy lights work great for indoor or outdoor setups. Hanging these on the ceiling can tone the white light down and create a bright yet soft tone of light that won't leave your space dimly lit. 

These decorative and ornamental elements are either reusable or consumable, so they leave you with easier post-party cleanup and with minimal waste. You can even prepare glass jars for your guests to fill with small treats they can take home before. These may include cocktail garnish that they can use when they make their own drinks at home. Have a drink guide printed out on stock cards that your guests can take, too. You can put together a classy party with these savvy styling techniques. 

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