Feel the World’s Vibe: Getting in Touch With Nature in the City

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To live well, look good, and feel great, people have been turning to nature. The sight of the clouds and the breeze of the wind may make calm and comfort you. Moreover, communing with the natural world has a lot of health benefits – from that crisp air that you breathe in to the organic food that you consume. People, however, that accessing nature while living in the city is next to impossible. But if you come to think of it, there are many venues and ways you can still enjoy the goodness of nature while you are surrounded by the city’s hustle and bustle

All it takes is a little shift in your perspective. The concrete jungle still houses some pockets of lush greeneries and even nooks where you can take your sweet time. If you want to enjoy nature while being the city, here are some of the tips you may want to remember:

Make the most of your parks

A lot of towns and cities are mandated to have green nooks and lush spaces, such as parks. And you can definitely find a handful of them within your area. Make the most of your nearest park by waking up early in the morning and jogging around the area. You can even watch the sunrise as you go about your physical business. During weekends or every time you make your way home from work, you can stop by the park and watch the sun set. You can even do some relaxing activities in the park, such as yoga, reading, picnicking, and people watching.

If parks are not present within your area, search for green spots near your work. They can be this conservatory café that is full of greens or a rooftop garden with an al fresco restaurant.


Go to your local florist

Sometimes, reconnecting with nature and your roots is just as simple as dropping by the florist. If the florist’s store is quite big, you can walk around and smell the flowers. While you are at it, why not bring home a bouquet that you can place in your vase. You may also ask the florist where they source their flowers, as they may even lead you to a botanical garden somewhere in the city or a small flower farm that you can visit with your family and friends over the weekend.

Go on a daytrip to the nearest hill or mountain

There may be a chance that your city is a fully concrete jungle, and finding some green spaces is quite impossible. But there’s also a chance that your city is just an hour’s drive away from a known nature trail or hiking camp. If your city is just close to nature park, why not go there over the weekend for a day trip? You can walk, hike, catch fish, and even have a picnic! Doing some physical activities in nature parks will certainly be good for your health.

Turn to your digital devices

Some of the trees lining the roads of your suburban community might have been removed by tree removal services. But that does not mean that you cannot experience the marvel and atmosphere that they provide. In this case, you may want to try your digital devices. This may sound counterintuitive, but some applications and websites actually provide users with authentic forest sounds. You can visit websites, such as www.tree.fm to enjoy nature’s ambience.

Live with nature!

Being one with nature can be challenging, especially if you live in the city. But you can still find and enjoy its company when you’re looking at the right places. Nevertheless, you have some great options when you decide to plan a short trip outside of your comfort zone.

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