Why Party Favors May Mean More Than You Think

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Are party favors merely traditional and no longer practical? Is giving away party favors antiquated? Does it make a party feel old and outdated? Do you still remember all the kiddie parties you attended when you were little? Which party do you remember the most? Which party favor have you kept in your bedroom all these years? Party favors have a huge impact on the guests because long after the music has died down, these are all they have left of that night of revelry.

Newlyweds like giving away alcohol gifts to their guests. The liquors may come in miniature form and packaged in attractive boxes. Most couples choose the type of liquor that best describes their personalities. Other modern wedding party favors are garden seeds, hot cocoa mix, mason jar cupcakes, handmade soaps, cocktail shakers, and many others.

For birthdays, party favors tend to be a bit more conservative. For kids’ birthdays, you can go crazy with ideas—from personalized stools, bubble wants, to bags of candies. For adults’ birthdays, you should choose things that are useful such as coffee mugs, ashtrays, potted succulent plants, and scented candles.

Help with the Décor

Party favors help with the overall décor of the place. The favors don’t need to be expensive, but they can embellish the party and make it more fun. While a beautiful cake and expansive food selection are usually the centerpieces of a party, adding party favors around them can brighten up the place more. Just remember to make sure that the party favors complement the decorations. If your kid’s birthday party is Avengers-themed, the party favors should complement it.

Show Appreciation

Party favor

Party favors are generally given to show appreciation to the guests who have taken the time out to attend your event. Children, most especially, expect to receive some token after they have attended a friend’s party. Although adults are okay with not receiving anything as long as they have enjoyed the party, they feel valued when you give them something to remember you by.

Some parties take place amid snowstorms or unimaginable heat. The fact that people have taken the time to be there should touch you enough to want to show your appreciation for them. Party favors don’t need to be expensive. They need to be personal.

People Tend to Expect Them

Guests tend to expect to be given party favors. This isn’t a slight on people’s psyche. It’s the way things are. Many of your guests might have been conditioned by past experiences to get something in return for their presence in your event. Although it is your prerogative not to give any party favor or souvenir, it wouldn’t hurt to spend a couple of hundreds of dollars on it. You can DIY some favors or buy some for a couple of bucks. With a bit of research and resourcefulness, you’ll find exactly what your guests would love.

It is not at all terrible if you don’t want to give party favors away. That’s okay. And if your guests want to be part of your special day, they won’t mind going through a snowstorm for you. That’s why trimming your guest list down to the most important people matters. It’s not just about the money. It’s about the fact that you may not prefer to give party favors at all.

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