Choosing Wine for the Wedding Reception

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Every couple dreams of an unforgettable wedding. They want a remarkable cake, an engaging band, and dreamy floral arrangements. Binding all these is wine. Serving wine to guests has become a wedding staple, but selecting wine can be overwhelming for some. White or red? Sparkling or bubbly?

If you want to know the best wine to serve during your special day, here are some helpful pointers:

1. White with Reds

Some party venues in Salt Lake City usually ask couples to pair white and red wines. Popular choices for wine pairings are Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. A type of white wine, Sauvignon Blanc is both crispy and refreshing. You should chill it before serving it to guests. Pinot Noir, a sought-after red wine, is the safest wine to pair with a Sauvignon. Since both wines are known to be light, they can be easily paired with almost any type of dish served during weddings.

Fleurs de Prairie, a type of dry rosé, is ideal for guests who drink wine with their meals. It is known for its silky texture and a mild citrus flavor perfect for tapas or seafood dishes. It’s also a refreshing drink.

2. Sparkling and Bubbly

Sparkling and bubbly wines are often used as a toast to the newlyweds’ new beginnings. However, sparklers are drier (commonly referred to as a brut) compared to other types of champagne. Sommeliers suggest a demi-sec instead of the toasting ceremony. It’s not as dry as a brut, and a demi-sec goes well with the wedding cake. The fruity Moscato is also recommended for the couple’s toast. Another excellent “fizzante” or sparkling wine is the Prosecco, and it has become a favorite among couples.

Cava and Sekt are other notable sparkling and bubbly wines couples should consider for their wedding toast. Cava has a lemony flavor, while Sekt has a fruity taste and floral aroma.

3. Have a Budget for Wine

wine glasses

Your wine budget is critical when it comes to planning a wedding. Couples should always consider the quantity of wine they plan to purchase. A bottle of wine is about 25 ounces, and it can serve up to 5 wine glasses. The number of wine cases to be bought should depend on the guest list. It’s okay to buy extra cases to ensure that all the guests have enough wine.

Coordinate with the wedding venue to check if they allow clients to bring their own wine and other drinks. Some places require their clients to buy wine from them or their accredited catering providers. Couples could also ask for help from their wedding coordinators regarding these concerns. They can negotiate on the couple’s behalf or purchase the wine directly from suppliers.

Wine makes a wedding more memorable. It keeps the guests happy, and picking the best wine will make the event more fun. If needed, ask help from your friends and family when choosing the wine. Every sip should be savored as the guests cheer the couple in their new journey as partners in life.

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