Potentially Unhealthy Beauty Practices That Can Affect Your Overall Health

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Nothing’s more satisfying than completing your beauty routines every day. It’s like accomplishing a tedious task before carrying on. Similar to completing an assignment before going to school. It’s undeniably gratifying to make everything that’ll get you closer to beauty perfection.

But behind the beauty lies dark dangers that you mustn’t ignore. Some products you’re using can cause harm to your body and overall health. This is why you should still be responsible when it comes to beauty routines. That’s from choosing the best products down to their application.

So how exactly can beauty routines harm you? What are the risks of using specific beauty products? Here are some pointers you might want to consider:

Applying Eye Products

Your eyes can get very sensitive when exposed to a particular substance. Starting with the lashes, mascara can pose a danger to your eyes. First, mascara tubes are prone to growing bacteria. Now that sounds alarming. It happens when the mascara brush you apply harvests secretions from your eyelash. Then you’re going to put it back on the container.

Another risky eye product is contact lenses. Non-prescription lenses can harm your eyesight because lenses need proper fitting. They can even cause infection if not cleaned properly. Avoid causing injuries to one of your most precious senses.

Doing Your Hair

Fixing your hair before going out seems like a straightforward task. You apply products to your hair, rinse it, blow-dry it, apply more product, and you’re good to go. Or you can go to a salon and have your hair fixed there before an event. As simple as they might sound, some of these processes might potentially harm your hair if not done correctly. Some salons use keratin-based hair treatments that can release formaldehyde. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration found this out in one study they conducted. These treatments contain formaldehyde levels that are higher than what OSHA is permitting. Continuous exposure to this chemical can cause cancer.

Meanwhile, using a flat iron to straighten your hair can cause unwanted results too. You know how hot your flat iron can get. This can cause severe burns to the point that you need to go to the nearest urgent-care clinics. Aside from potentially burning your hair strands, hair cuticles can become damaged too. The heat can damage them and also the pulling motion you do when straightening your hair. Not to mention how your scalp can get dried out caused by the flat iron heat. This can lead to flaking. We’re not trying to ruin hair routines for you. Just make sure to be careful when you do your hair next time.

Skin Treatments

Some people try to equalize their skin tone all over their faces. They can resort to skin lighteners that contain hydroquinone. This substance can cause discoloration if not regulated. There are even animal studies that link this compound to cancer. Another thing people enjoy doing is going to tanning salons. Tanning beds can give you satisfying tan lines, but they don’t come risk-free. Tanning beds emit UV rays that can contribute to the most dangerous form of skin cancer, melanoma. Find alternative methods for skin treatments. A visit to a dermatologist can give you safer ways of managing skin discoloration. Meanwhile, you can use a sunless tanning lotion before going to the beach. Layer it with sunscreen for protection.

Putting on Makeup

make up

One thing that people often overlook is the makeup expiry date. Makeup products expire too, but not everyone knows that. Just like an old mascara, expired makeup can harbor bacteria which isn’t good for your skin. You don’t want to have more acne just because you’re covering acne by applying makeup. Aside from that, there’s another thing that can pose more risk than expired makeup. Phthalates are a chemical used in many products you can find in your house. That includes cleaning products, fragrances, down to cosmetics. Some studies link the chemical to asthma, breast cancer, obesity, type II diabetes, and more. So next time you buy makeup, you can consider the ones that are phthalates-free.

Manicure and Pedicure

Nail techs know that they should always sterilize equipment in the nail salon. If you’re doing manicures and pedicures on your own, you can practice sterilization first. This is to avoid bacterial infection in your nails or Paronychia. You know how painful it is to have swollen fingernails and toenails. Lastly, be careful when doing manicures and pedicures, as you can cause trauma to your nails. That can be painful as well.

Beyonce said, “Pretty hurts.” But don’t give in to societal pressures to the point that they might harm your health. It’s okay to feel good every time. You have to make sure that you’re doing your beauty routines safely.

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