A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Holistic Beauty Routine

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Three years ago, sustainable beauty and well-being moved into the mainstream. It brought holistic lifestyle and beauty along. Since then, “holistic” has been a popular buzzword on the media, especially the internet. It involved exercises, food, and lifestyle practices such as yoga, meditation, and alternative medicine.

A holistic lifestyle believes that the mind, body, and soul are connected. As such, to treat an ailment, those three must all be treated as well. It doesn’t focus on the symptoms or the visible problems alone. When you live a holistic lifestyle, you are one with your mind and soul, so an issue with one is an issue with your entire self.

It can be a bit tricky to understand, especially when you’re so used to the lifestyle the media has promoted for so long. You wake up and get ready for work as fast as you can. At work, you need to be as productive as possible. And when you get home, you prepare to do everything all over again tomorrow. It’s a fast-paced, results-focused routine. But in the holistic lifestyle, you’re encouraged to take it slow and savor every moment.

And it turns out that you can apply this principle to beauty as well. Instead of covering up your flaws, holistic beauty inspires you to embrace what you already have but make it better naturally. It makes you realize that true beauty lies within — in your energy, intentions, and health.

A Beginner’s Guide to Holistic Beauty

Holistic beauty promotes the natural. As such, it calls for the use of natural and sustainable products and healthy habits. Below are some products and habits that support holistic beauty:

  • Homemade Skin and Hair Remedies

You can find many solutions to different skin or hair conditions in your kitchen. To treat breakouts, you can spread a thin layer of honey all over your face and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Then rinse it with water. For calming inflamed skin, you can combine honey with oatmeal and mashed fruit and apply it as a mask. The mixture will also exfoliate your dead skin.

For dry skin, coconut oil can work wonders. Just spread a small amount of it on the most sensitive areas of your skin, like the bags under your eyes and the skin around your mouth. Coconut oil can also help you regrow your hair. Just massage it in your scalp before or after washing your hair.

  • Natural Products and Supplements

To enhance the effects of your home remedies, using natural products and supplements will help. For example, if you have hair problems, you can apply a home remedy first, then rinse it off with a natural hair care product. And to maintain your improved hair growth or texture, you can take a ginseng supplement. Ginseng stimulates the hair follicles, aiding in healthier hair growth.

  • Plant-based Products

Some holistic lifestyle practitioners also switch to a vegan diet. Naturally, they switch to a vegan beauty routine, too. Some international skincare and makeup brands that offer vegan options include Kylie Skin. In the Philippines, homegrown brands such as Cray Cosmetics, Fresh Formula, Beach Born, and Ellana Minerals pride themselves on offering vegan and cruelty-free products.

  • Clean Foods

Not many people know that what you eat also impacts your skin and hair. In holistic beauty, a healthy diet is encouraged because it helps keep your skin and hair aglow. So try reducing your oily food and sugar intake until you stop altogether. Cook your own meals using healthy ingredients, such as veggies, fruits, and whole foods. It will do wonders on your physique, skin, and hair.

  • Positive Energy

Holistic lifestyle and beauty also believe that less is more. So sometimes, all you need to maintain a healthy glow is positive energy. That means surrounding yourself with the good and avoiding going over your energy’s limit. It means resting when you need to. Contrary to the fast-paced lifestyle, which promotes the hustle mentality, holistic beauty acknowledges that the body needs rest to reenergize. So get as much beauty sleep as you can and wake in the morning with good skin.

  • Mindfulness

You don’t need to be meditating to be mindful. In fact, you can be busy and mindful at the same time. For example, when you’re washing your face, focus on the sensations you’re getting. Imagine nutrients penetrating your skin and making it healthy. Picture your hair becoming stronger every time you treat it. Those simple acts help you believe that you don’t need much to feel beautiful.

These products and habits will support not just holistic beauty but holistic health as well. And the benefits won’t be superficial. You’ll also feel them in your growth, lifestyle, and even relationships. With your body, mind, and soul, you tend to be a light in your own and other people’s lives.

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