Treatment Alternatives for Enamel Loss

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Most people will only see a dentist when they are in excruciating pain. They assume periodic dental visits are a waste of cash and time. Without any evident symptoms of underlying dental issues, they will also continue with unhealthy oral habits like the consumption of fizzy drinks, excessive sugars and acidic foods, and teeth grinding. These will more often than not cause the erosion of your dental enamel. With the inner tooth layers now exposed to exterior elements, you will have excruciating pain, gum tenderness and tooth discoloration.

Affordable root canals by a Meridian-based dentist seem like the only solution in this case. If you visit an unscrupulous dentist only interested in your money, he/she will be quick to perform a root canal without investigating the cause of your symptoms further. A thorough and honest dentist, on the other hand, might recommend treatments for enamel erosion that will be far cheaper and shorter compared to a root canal. Here are the treatments for dental enamel erosion.

Remineralizing Toothpaste

In cases of minor enamel loss, the ideal treatment alternative will be the use of remineralizing toothpaste. This contains fluoride that will help to rebuild the calcium essential for your tooth enamel. You should use the fluoride toothpaste twice daily to strengthen the enamel and keep your teeth germ-free thus averting its further demineralization. There are also times when you might use fluoride trays at a dental office to rebuild your enamel.

Dental Bonding

Acute and advanced dental enamel loss might prompt your dentist to use dental bonding for your teeth’s repair. Here, a tooth-colored resin will be applied to the weakened spot to protect the tooth. The application of a dental bonding material is relatively simple. The dentist will contour your tooth’s surface then place a conditioning liquid on your teeth before placing the bonding material. The putty-like material used is molded to match your tooth’s shape then hardened using a special light.


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This is the choice treatment if the enamel of your front teeth is eroded. Veneers denote thin tooth-colored porcelain pieces that will be permanently cemented to your teeth facing outward. While it might seem counterintuitive, some enamel will be removed from your tooth’s surface before applying the veneer. This way, they do not look so obvious. The veneers are customized and will match the color of your other teeth. In some cases, the dentist will recommend tooth whitening to get you a full set of pearly white teeth.


These are used for extensively eroded dental enamel. They are caps that are often fitted on your molars and cover them completely. They will also address the misshapen and discolored teeth caused by extensive enamel erosion. You might need a temporary crown while awaiting the fabrication of your permanent crown to avert further dental enamel erosion.

Most people will scour several online articles with their symptoms, looking for a solution for their dental issue. They will consequently show up at a dental clinic with a seemingly foolproof idea of what treatment from the above will suffice for them. You should, however, leave the diagnosis of your issue and the treatment choice to a qualified dentist.

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