Top Wedding Destinations in France

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France is one of the most popular and romantic cities in the world. Books, movies and television shows display the old-world charm, cafes, quaint alleys, beautiful buildings and culture of the country. The thought of marrying inside a castle or a centuries’ old cathedral are atop lists of many couples-to-be.

If you are planning a destination wedding in beautiful France, here are some of the places to include in your shortlist.

Loire Valley

With a name like the Valley of the Kings, the Loire Valley elicits a sense of nostalgia and romance from couples planning their wedding. The valley has many chateaus and castles where royalty used to live, and wine and dine.

The French Kings during the Renaissance had an eye for beauty and spent lavishly on building the most beautiful structures. The Chateau d’Artigny is one of many possible wedding venues for your big day.


The City of Light is another possible option for couples planning to wed. Paris is full of beautiful buildings, world-class restaurants and an old-world charm that distinguishes it from other cities in France. The Hotel de Ville, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower are beautiful backdrops for photos and receptions.

There are also lesser-known venues for those who want to save money but still enjoy the romantic atmosphere of Paris.


The third biggest city in the country is a noteworthy wedding destination because it exudes old and new with many architectural wonders, museums and a lost-in-time ambience. The colourful rows of buildings and quaint churches are ideal backgrounds for photo sessions and for I do’s.

The city may be smaller in size compared to Paris, but it makes up for it with intimacy.


vintage doors

If marrying in the city does not appeal to you, why not travel to Provence in the South of France? This southern destination has pleasant weather for most of the year, along with lovely villages that are perfect for photoshoots.

Some of the famous destinations in this part of the country are Saint Remy de Provence and the Roussillon. Immerse in the culture, eat good food, drink the exquisite wine and enjoy the company of your new spouse, friends and relatives.


Classy couples will enjoy Burgundy as it has many of the charms of France such as colourful houses, delicious food, wines and stunning castles. Rent a castle for your wedding and feel like royalty from the moment you walk down the aisle until your first kiss as a married couple.

Burgundy produces its own wine so that you will get some of the best during this special occasion.

The French Alps

Outdoorsy couples will have a memorable wedding in the French Alps. The green or white mountains and verdant, rolling hills are ideal backdrops for your big day. Breathe in the fresh air and stand in awe of nature’s beauty when you say I do.

France has many other romantic destinations for people who want to marry in this country. There are quaint villages and towns, Gothic-inspired churches and vibrant culture that will make you want to say I do in France.

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