Top Tips for Dealing with a Sensitive Scalp

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Hold it right there. Do you mean to say you’ve been suffering from dry, itchy, and very sensitive scalp for years and yet you haven’t addressed the problem at all? Don’t chuck this out of the window. Don’t shrug your shoulders. Although it would not affect your health at all, a sensitive scalp can make you very uncomfortable. It’s time you dealt with this problem.

While you can invest in keratin-infused shampoo and other hair care treatment solutions that you’ll find in your local beauty shop, the key to treating a sensitive scalp is knowing what causes it first. An itchy and irritated scalp can be caused by stress, pollution, an imbalanced diet, fragrances in shampoo, hair curlers, frequent styling, sunburn, chlorinated water, and even wearing helmets for a long time.

You will know which irritates your scalp once you have observed when the itchiness, redness, and dryness appears. Do the symptoms manifest after you’ve stayed in the sun for hours? Does your scalp get itchy after you used a particular shampoo? Read the labels of the hair products you’re using because there could be chemicals there that affect the structure of your scalp.

You can have your scalp checked by a dermatologist who can advise you on what kind of hair care products your scalp will not be sensitive to. But for the meantime, you need to follow these tips:

Use Mild Shampoo

While you surely cannot stop washing your hair every day, you need to use mild hair care products that won’t strip away the essential oils from your scalp. So many people suffered from sore, itchy, and flaky scalp only to realize that what caused their scalp to get irritated was the shampoo they used. Sometimes, a simple change in shampoo or conditioner can help shoo away your scalp problems.

Avoid Using Hair-styling Products

Alcohol-based hair-styling products can cause your scalp to redden and get itchy. The problem is not that you’re using these products but that you’re not washing the chemicals away from your scalp. If you’re going to use these hair-styling products every day, the least you can do is to wash the chemicals away from your scalp when the day has ended. Of course, you can also try some hairstyles that won’t require you to use hair gel, hair mousse, or hair spray on a daily basis.

Moisturize Your Scalp

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When you notice that your face and body are dry, you moisturize them, right? The same thing must be done for your scalp. When your scalp gets dry and irritated, it might be because it lost the natural barrier that keeps the essential oils in your scalp. Moisturizing your scalp will rebuild that natural barrier. You can use a host of herbal-oil-based products such as those with argan, jojoba, coconut, and almond oil.

Do you know that stress also causes scalp itchiness and dandruff? Most of the time, the simplest solution to your scalp problems is to relax and avoid situations that stress you out. Studies found out that stress levels correlate with scalp sensitivity. Take a short vacation or enroll in a medication class. Anything that will reduce your stress levels can also address your scalp sensitivity problems.

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