Tips for Aging Hair: How to Tame Your Mane When You’re Over 30s

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Hair is one part of the body that is, unfortunately, a neglected part of one’s anti-aging regimen. With all the buzz surrounding clean beauty and anti-aging, there’s almost always no mention of hair care. It’s pretty odd considering how much money goes into some much-needed salon pampering. According to a study done by Groupon, Americans, on average, spend around $60 per month on hair products and services, which totals to around $720 a year. That’s quite a lot if you do the math.

If you’re somewhere in your 30s and have noticed some changes with your hair recently, then it’s more likely to be a consequence of aging. As you grow old, your cells produce pigment at a slower rate until they stop completely, resulting in gray hair. Like your facial skin, your scalp also produces less oil to coat your hair, hence the dryness and rough texture. Hormonal imbalance and lifestyle changes also play a role in these changes. Here are some ways that you can combat these concerns:

Take hair care supplements

According to Healthline, Vitamins A, B (i.e. Biotin), C and D are all beneficial for faster cell regeneration and protection against free radical damage. Among these three, biotin, perhaps produces the most tangible and immediate results. You’d notice a difference when it comes to the speed that your hair and nails grow when you take biotin supplements. Vitamin A, meanwhile, is a necessary component for skin and cell repair. This is why it is the most effective anti-aging component in skincare products (i.e. retinol) as well.

Replenish your hair and scalp’s moisture levels

Consider using products that help draw moisture to your hair strands, such as those that contain plant oils, fruit extracts, honey, and egg. Making sure that your hair is moisturized prevents other aging-related hair concerns.

Reinforce hair strength with amino acids, ceramides and lipids

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Amino acids, ceramides and lipids are the building blocks of the cells. As the speed of your cell production diminishes, it is crucial to compensate for that by using shampoos and hair serums that contain such ingredients. Amino acids, ceramides and lipids bind to the hair shaft to protect it from further damage. They also help hasten cellular repair.

One hair serum brand that you can try, if you’re based in the Philippines, is Kedma Skincare Philippines. Kedma Skincare Philippines is a luxury beauty company that sells and manufacture their skin, body and hair care line. Founded in 2007, the company rose to prominence in the beauty community for its high-end spa and anti-aging products and services. The company has recently expanded its product line to include skincare must-haves such as eye creams, toners and serums made from the finest, organic ingredients.

Elsewhere, the company is recognized for its premium products which are used in spas in major cities in the United States. The company has also partnered with leading spa facilities in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany and Austria, where their luxury products are also on offer. Kedma Skincare’s products can be ordered on its website.

In a nutshell, it’s important to dedicate some time and attention to one’s hair. There’s thousands of products on the market that you can use to maintain your hair at any age, so make most of it. After all, it wouldn’t be called your crowning glory for anything.

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