Make a Statement With Your Straw Cowboy Hat This Summer

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There’s one rule when picking a straw cowboy hat for women: if you tap it and it falls off, then it’s too big. Like a rodeo rider, you want a cowboy hat that can hold on for dear life amidst all the excitement that awaits you. Also, you need one that shelters your skin from the sun while making a fashion statement.

Given the long service life of cowboy hats, it’s imperative that you pick a perfect one instead of basing the purchase solely on how it looks on the shelf or catalog. Just because it seems good doesn’t mean that it will look good on you.

Be sure to show up

Picking up your new hat is a special occasion that requires you to ditch the online shopping itch and head down to your local hat store. It’s imperative that you try a hat before paying for it. That applies whether you’re buying one to wear to work or to make a fashion statement.

You want a hat that sits pretty on your head regardless of your activities. Getting accurate head measurements is the secret to getting such a perfect cowboy hat. Fortunately, that only involves running a tape measure around your head to get the circumference.

Just be sure to measure the exact place where you want the hat to sit. You can opt to have it sit a little higher on your head or bring it down right to the forehead. Accurate measurements are crucial to getting a comfortable hat that won’t restrict blood flow or leave a crease on your forehead.

Pick the right crown

One of the most noticeable features of a straw hat is its crown. Typically, there are three types of crowns: the cattleman, the Gus or south slope crown, and the gamble or telescopic peak.

Pay attention to the brim shapes and sizes when considering the crown styles as the ratio between the vertical crown and horizontal brim affects the visual balance of the hat. Straw hat brims run from three to five inches and can be dipped, flat, folded like a taco shell, or rolled.

Four-inch brims are popular among  ladies as they are neither too large nor too small. If you like tilting your hat low on the head, don’t pick one with a brim of less than four inches.

Look at the mirror

beautiful girl wearing cowboy hatThe shape of your face is instrumental when buying a new hat as it helps to strike a balance. If you have a thin elongated face, get a straw hat with the medium height crown. A tall or short top tends to exaggerate the narrowness of the face.

On the other hand, pick a hat with a lower crown if you have a small chin or one with a tapered crown and a forward tilt. Such caps deflect the attention for a small jaw. If you have an oval face, get one with a higher crown and a medium brim and avoid trim brims as they are likely to distort the dimensions of your face.

There’s an art to buying a straw cowboy hat that sits on your head snugly, leaving you free to engage in any activity. You also have to get one that complements your looks and makes a statement.

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