Suggestions for Surviving Student Life in New and Unfamiliar Ground

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University life is a different world from elementary, middle school, and high school. For one, most of the students’ don’t have their families living in the same area as the schools they’re attending, so staying at home is out of the question.

This is an essential step towards being independent and having a preview of real life – a trial period, if you will. But don’t go unprepared; here are some of the things you need to be better equipped to face the world as a future degree holder.


Living away from home would, of course, require you to look for a place that you can rent. This will become your base of operations while you’re attempting to finish your studies. Looking for a place should be done at least a month or two before classes start, even more so if you want to take one of those nearest and in the best condition.

There are many choices for cheap student accommodation here in London. If you widen your search, then you can also widen your choices. Remember always to consider safety, security, and the area’s access to amenities and essential places such as shops that cater to your needs.

It doesn’t have to impress your peers. It just has to serve its purpose.


You can’t go wrong with the basics. Since you’re away from the place where everything you need is provided for you, you’ll likely have a significant culture shock once you’re in your new location. With that said, you should prepare all the things necessary for you before moving.

These include your supply of toiletries, clothes, school requirements, and a few pieces of “home”. Needs may vary, and you can even add extras such as video game consoles. Just remember that your main objective is to consider what your immediate needs are first. You can add the others later once you’ve settled.


Money is a valuable resource when you’re away from home. But, this can also be a problem if you don’t discipline yourself when It comes to your spending habits. Keeping a tight budget and following it religiously would help you save money.

It can also be a test for you when it comes to handling your funds in the real world, and it wouldn’t help you if you get used to asking for money every time they reached zero. Consider it another lesson that you can apply later in life.

Healthy Lifestyle

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Aside from running out of money, developing health problems is a big issue that could damage your well-being and possibly your education. Since you’re not at home, you will have to be responsible for taking care of yourself. Try to develop better eating and sleeping habits and refrain from engaging in unhealthy activities.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun from time to time, but do watch yourself when something seems too much to handle.

With all the preparations intact, it’s now up to you as to how you will overcome other challenges like homesickness or staying in a place that’s almost alienating. However, this is also a chance for you to grasp important lessons beyond the four corners of the classroom.

Remember that you’re not only aiming to earn that degree, but also prepare for your future life and career.

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