Raising Horses Properly: What Are The Basic Needs You Should Know?

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Your horse is like any living creature. It has basic needs to thrive. However, even if you meet the most basic needs, that does not mean your horse would be happy. Make sure you have everything your horse needs to keep it healthy and satisfied.

Here are the basics you need to have for your horse to enjoy its life.

Space and Shelter

You cannot keep your horse cooped up all day. They need to run around and exercise. You need to find a decent outdoor space for your horse that you can afford. It is also ideal that your horse will have the company of other horses to keep their spirits up. You also need to provide shelter for your horse to protect it from the elements. Many liveries ought to have the right shelter available for your new pony.

Stable Equipment

man cleaning horse stableNow that you have the shelter, you need to equip your stable to provide your horse with what it needs. You need hay nets and feed buckets to feed your horse. Get buckets made for horses and do not contain stored chemicals. To keep the stable clean, you need a manure fork, pitchfork, and a broom. A wheelbarrow is also ideal to reduce the number of manure trips you have to make.

Grooming Equipment

Your horse needs a lot of maintenance to keep a beautiful, healthy coat. You should have a soft, stiff, and curry comb in your arsenal. Each brush is important to have because they serve different functions. You also need bathing supplies, such as shampoos, sponges, and conditioners.

It is crucial that you clean your horse’s hooves daily to prevent tons of issues since they collect a lot of objects and dirt on their feet. Therefore, you need to get a hoof brush and a hoof pick to get the job done.

Horse Tack

A horse’s tack is a term used for all the items that you need to ride your horse. There are many things you need for a horse tack, such as saddle pads, a saddle, stirrups, girth and cinch, reins, and a bridle. You can choose from a different style, so take your time to research which type will best suit you. Keep in mind that the style of riding that you do will affect your choices. For instance, there is Western, English, and dressage riding.

Riding Equipment

You need the right riding equipment for yourself so you will be safe and comfortable. However, you need not buy tons of riding gear right away, you just need to get the basics. For instance, breeches and leggings are ideal for bottoms and you need to get a suitable pair of riding boots.

Never skip a helmet, or riding hat. You never know what could happen while you are riding your horse. If you are new to riding, you can consider getting a body protector.

A horse can be a wonderful pet, but they come with a lot of responsibilities. Do some research to prepare yourself for such responsibilities. Follow the things mentioned to help you get started.

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