How to Prepare the House for Summer

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Summer means more sunny days and bright blue skies. It’s warmer, drier, and even uncomfortable at times. Have you started preparing your place for the new season?

Lower the Risk of Water Damage

There are many things you can start with. For example, you have to begin cleaning the drains and the gutters. You have to make sure that you can remove dirt, leaves, and other debris. Otherwise, these could clog up drains and gutters.

You also want to make sure that mosquitoes don’t have suitable places to lay their eggs. Clogged drains and gutters are breeding grounds for many pests. Finally, you want to lower your risk of having to deal with water damage.

The next thing you want to do is to make sure that water is flowing away from your property. Dig trenches where water can flow. Otherwise, it may run to the basement, where it can wreak havoc. Water damage can come from a leak or broken plumbing, too.

Standing water is a cause of health concerns. Not only is it a breeding ground for mosquitoes, but it can also trigger growth for mold and mildew. Both these things have been causes of respiratory diseases not only for humans but for pets as well. In this case, you can’t just solve the problem by yourself. You’re going to have to call in professionals to deal with the mold and mildew.

Focus on a Bright Interior

The dark and gloomy months have finally waned and made way for the brighter summer season. It’s your chance to let as much light as you can. Instead of dark and thick curtains, swap them for something lighter and sheerer.

You can also repaint your interiors with bright and fun colors. In fact, according to color psychology, bright colors like yellow and orange will boost your energy. It will also improve your productivity and mood because such colors are stimulating.

If you want to make a more relaxing and soothing atmosphere, you may want to consider varying shades of blue. Blue has been known to be comfortable and soothing and is often associated with the atmosphere of zen. Green is also a good choice because it’s the color of nature. Both can increase creativity and a relaxed mood.

bright interior of house

Clean, Clean, and Clean!

Nothing prepares you for the new season better than the simple act of cleaning! Having a clean house is the perfect way to fight stress. It’s also going to ensure that you feel more relaxed and at ease. In many cases, it even cures fatigue.

By cleaning, you also get rid of any dirt, pollen, and other allergens around the house that can trigger respiratory diseases. So if you have a family member who happens to be asthmatic, cleaning should be one of your priorities. Overall, cleaning improves safety in the house as you get rid of germs and viruses.

You will also benefit from pest control as you clean. After all, rodents and bugs flourish in dirty and unkempt homes. Messy pet downs, food debris, and liquid spills attract these pests. Make it a habit to clean and put away all food and remove your trash daily.

Make Your Room Cool and Cozy

The first step is to declutter. Put away the items you’ve collected over the colder months. This is the time to remove carpets and rugs that are meant to insulate. That includes decorations and articles for the cold months since they don’t have a place in the summer.

Put away your winter clothes in neat and separate boxes. It’s time to showcase your hats, sunglasses, and dresses. Decluttering is essential so you can clear the air and let the summer breeze in. It’s time to invest in fresh summer scents like jasmine and lemon, too!

Finally, don’t forget to choose suitable bed linen. You want them in light colors and light fabrics. The best summer investment you can do is to buy a cooling blanket to give you that added comfort as the heat rolls in.

These types of blankets are cooler and made with more breathable materials. The last thing you want is to drown in sweat while you sleep. With a cooling blanket, you can have the benefit of comfort and temperature control as you sleep. This is especially great to prevent hot and stuffy naps!

Preparing for summer can be fun. Just remember to look at four main things: lower the risk of water damage, make a bright interior, clean your space, and make your room cozy. These are only some ways you can ensure a more fun summer.

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