Popular Types of Gold Wedding Rings

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Wedding rings have been used for centuries as a symbol of love, commitment, loyalty, and faithfulness. Of the various metals used to make wedding rings, gold is one of if not the most popular. Gold is valuable, rare, and durable. Unfortunately, pure gold cannot be used for rings because it is far too soft on its own. So instead, it is mixed into an alloy to increase its strength.

The karat is the standard unit used in the measurement of gold. A karat is essentially the amount of pure gold in an alloy mixture, and so pure gold is 24 karats, 22K is 91.67%, 18K is 75%, 14K is 58.3%, 10K translates to 41.75%, and finally, 9K represents 37.5% pure gold. The percentage of the metals used in the rings determines the color and tone of the final result. Let’s look at the most prevalent types of gold wedding rings.

White Gold

White gold wedding rings are a combination of pure gold and other white metals such as silver and palladium. Typically, white gold rings feature rhodium plating to give the ring a stunning polish and shine on top of making it hypoallergenic. The rhodium plating also helps to protect the ring by preventing scratches and tarnishing. Additionally, white gold can be alloyed with yellow gold to increase its durability.

White gold wedding rings are famous for their elegant white-silver color. They are modern and stylish, often preferred by many for their timeless appeal.

Do know that white gold rings may also contain nickel, which may trigger allergies. This is especially notable in 14K white gold.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the traditional choice for wedding rings and it pretty much never goes out of fashion. 18K yellow gold wedding rings are considered to be the most durable, and this makes them a superb choice when looking for excellent yellow gold wedding rings for her. These rings are highly polished to give them a bright finish and to also make them highly resistant to scratching.

In terms of durability, appearance, and resistance to scratches, the 18K and 14K yellow gold wedding rings are the best in class. Rings with a purity exceeding 75% not only lose shape quickly but are also prone to scratches and dents. Take this into consideration before splashing out the cash for your wedding bands.

Rose Gold

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Rose gold wedding rings were more prevalent in Victorian times, although they have been experiencing a surge in popularity in recent years. The rose gold tone provides a romantic and feminine touch to the rings. A mixture of pure gold, copper, and silver is used, resulting in a unique rosy tone. Since these rings include copper, they tend to be durable and resistant to tarnishing. They are also uniquely capable of maintaining their special color.

Like yellow and white gold, rose gold rings are available in various levels of purity, with 18K and 14K being the most common.


Gold wedding rings are an excellent choice for women, but you must choose the right one for your needs. Consider color tone and durability when selecting the karat of ring you want to purchase. Most wedding ring experts recommend the 18K and 14K gold wedding rings as they can better withstand daily wear and tear.

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