How to Encourage Your Man to Improve His Style and Grooming Habits

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Outer appearances are superficial, and they shouldn’t dictate how much we should love our partners, but a little (or huge) wardrobe improvement and grooming suggestions wouldn’t hurt, either. After all, if you really love your man, you’ll always see different ways on how they could get more appealing than they already are. Think about it as spicing up your romance. You want to fall in love with them all over again, and a makeover is the solution that you could think of.

There is nothing wrong about wanting a bit of style change in your man, especially if your intention is good. As long as you emphasize that both of you are going to benefit from their improved style, you’re in the right direction.

That said, here’s how to encourage your man to be more fashionable and neat-looking.

1. Determine If His Style Really Needs to Change

Freelance fashion journalist Rebecca Suhrawardi believes that around 30% of men have a specific, honed-in aesthetic that’s probably not in need of any alteration. If you notice that your man wears a similar style of clothing all the time that looks great on him anyway, perhaps you shouldn’t meddle with his wardrobe anymore. But if you’re really keen on taking his style up a notch, just focus on the specific item of clothing that you want to improve, and look for more appealing alternatives for those. Join him as he shops without obviously showing your distaste for that clothing item.

2. Be Patient

Just because you successfully convinced him to wear a stylish shirt once means that he’d immediately overhaul his wardrobe. Change doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t constantly pester him to buy new, more fashionable clothes. Only suggest it when you go shopping together until it becomes a habit. Dare him to try pieces he’d never worn before, and he might just realize how your style taste suits him a lot better. Eventually, the clothes of both your liking will take over his closet.

3. Start By Plucking or Trimming Small “Problem Areas”

If your next mission to convince him to manscape, you can start by subtly doing it to him yourself through the use of a trusty pair of tweezers and a razor. If he has overgrown nose hairs, you can start plucking those as a first step. Or suggest trimming his unruly beard. Once he gets used to the sensation of being less hairy, you may start to address larger areas of body hair, such as chest and back.

4. Suggest Waxing

Waxing used to be associated with women only, but now that time and standards have greatly evolved, men are also encouraged to go the hairless route. If your man’s body hair really bothers you, suggest waxing to him, but don’t pressure him to have it done. Stress how it’ll make him more appealing as well as how it’ll please you better if he tried it, and he might just consider it right away.

5. Join Him in the Waxing Salon

If you’d like to convince your man to try waxing, chances are you also have it regularly done on you. Top-rated waxing salons in Salt Lake City and other places offer services for both men and women, so book sessions in one of those. Once he sees the transformation and how it truly made him look more appealing, he’ll certainly become a regular waxing client.

6. Use Positive Reinforcement

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Men respond well if you fill your words with praise, so focus on the positive reasons you want him to get a makeover. Tell him how that one fashionable piece of clothing he wore one time made you blush, and how much his freshly-groomed appearance makes you happier. Use this technique instead of bluntly telling him what to do.

Remember to be patient as you go on about improving your man’s style. Avoid spewing comments about the things you don’t like, so you can avoid hurting his feelings. Your intent should make him happier and more confident, not insecure.

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