5 Strategies to Stay Safe When You Go on Blind Dates

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There are 36.48 million single-person households in the U.S. But those numbers don’t give a complete view of the high level of single people in the country because some live with other people. In reality, over 110 million Americans are unmarried. If you are worried about staying single forever, don’t be. There are many available singles out there looking for partners just like you.

Accepting blind dates is one way to meet new people. But you need to be careful. Not every person has good intentions. So it’s important to observe basic safety rules:

  1. Organize your dates in public places

Whatever you do, you need to avoid isolated places when meeting people you don’t know and whose character you can’t vouch for. There is safety in numbers. And that means you should only agree to meet blind dates in public places. If something were to happen during the date that makes you feel unsafe, you can ask for help from the people around you. In an isolated area, getting the right kind of help from well-meaning people would be impossible.

If you are not sure about the place your blind date suggests, then Google the area and try to learn more about that place. And if you don’t like the location because it doesn’t seem safe enough, suggest an alternative place where you know there are many people around.

   2. Use your own means of transportation

Don’t allow a blind date to come and pick you from your home. What if that person ends up being a psycho? What will you do to keep them away from you once they know where you live?

Use your own means of transportation. You can use your car if you have one or opt for services like Uber or public transportation. That allows you to have an exit strategy in case your date ends up being a disaster.

   3. Tell your loved ones whom you are meeting

making a call

Don’t keep quiet about a blind date. You need to have at least one person in your life you can share details about your love life with. When meeting someone for the first time, share that information with your loved ones. Tell him who that person is and where you intend to meet that person. Try to find a way to also share your blind date’s phone number and a photo of that person. Always put safety first.

   4. Stay sober

A blind date is not the time for you to get drunk. Being drunk reduces your inhibitions and makes you more suggestible. It also interferes with your coordination, which makes it more difficult for you to fight.

When on a blind date, stay sober. That ensures that you are more aware of your surroundings and can pick up danger clues faster if they exist. Also, being sober enables you to have sensible conversations and ensures that you make a good first impression.

   5. Listen to your gut

Always listen to your gut. Your instincts can help save your life if you end up going on a blind date with a crazy person. If you feel something is not right, don’t question your senses. Find a way to exist, then deal with the questions later.

If you want to settle down, you might feel a little bit frustrated every time you end up going on a blind date that doesn’t work out. But you shouldn’t compromise your safety just to be in a relationship with someone. You can always use other options that make dating safer like a personal matchmaking service. But be alert always.

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