Essential Pointers to Help You with Your Van Life Journey

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The van life community is an entirely new lifestyle emerging as a new segment of the American population that has either sold or stored its possessions to live in a van. Some van-lifers decided to strip down their minivans and put on a mattress, while others bought a van with a ceiling so high that they can stand inside and install their sinks. But as everyone adjusts to the new normal, almost every van lifers’ lifestyle has come to a halt.

The Washington Post says that people who decided to follow this kind of lifestyle chose it for the freedom to travel remotely. Meanwhile, others chose the van life way of living to take temporary gigs as they visit each town along the way. If you’ve been wanting to do it for years but have yet to find the courage to do so, then this article is for you. It’ll discuss a few essential pointers that you need to know about living in a van and a couple more tips before heading out on the road.

Invest in high-quality clothing

It’s crucial for anyone who wants to travel on the road to have good-quality clothing with them inside their van. Insider Magazine says that since you’ll have limited storage space and a few opportunities to wash your clothes, it’s crucial to invest in quality instead of quantity.

When choosing the right clothes, you need to ensure that they’re lightweight and are quick to dry. It should also be SPF-infused and can be converted to a different piece of clothing when needed.

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Get extra storage

One of the most common problems of every van lifer is an ample amount of storage space. That’s why it’s crucial to get creative, especially when you’re living inside a tiny van.

One technique that you can consider is to upgrade your van with a storage compartment on the roof. Doing so will give you enough closet space to keep your luggage and a few cleaning supplies. You can even keep a few extra linens, too.

Also, if you’re planning to travel across seasons in the future, having an extra storage space allows you to keep items you only use on a particular season.

Always come prepared

No matter what the season may be, it’s always important to come prepared. Always have your rain jacket with you so you won’t feel cold and damp when it rains. It’s also crucial to bring multifunctional headwear to protect yourself, especially during the winter. It’ll help if you choose the with a fabric that wicks sweat, too. It’s equally important to have a neck gaiter to keep you warm during chilly months. What’s great about it is that it can function as a face cover, too.

Bring different types of light

Whenever you stay inside the camper van, indoor lighting can be a challenge. That’s because it can draw in bugs inside, which can be pretty bothersome, especially when you’re sleeping. What’s worse is that it can even ruin your van’s cozy vibe, too.

One way to resolve this is to get a cheap headlamp powered by AAA batteries. Not only is it an economical way to light up your interiors, but it’s handy, especially when trying to find something inside the tiny compartments.

It’s also highly advisable to get a solar installation to power your van. Although they’re quite expensive, it’s entirely worth it, especially when you’re always on the road.

Traveling inside the van is a unique experience, especially if your fond of outdoor travel. And while everything is at a standstill, you can use this opportunity to build your van and customize it to your liking.

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