Do You Have Cockroach Infestation at Home?

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Although they’re undoubtedly common, seeing cockroaches in your home is not something you would want to see. There’s a huge difference between a lone cockroach who’s walking in your home and a hoard of cockroaches at the back of your stove. How will you know if you’re dealing with an infestation?

How to tell if you have a cockroach infestation

One easy tip that Reader’s Digest says is to approximate the size of the bug that you often see inside your home. If it’s longer than an inch, then it’s probably just a bug that came from the outside. If it’s shorter, then it means that you may be living in the house with a lot of them.

Keep in mind that the size is not the sole basis of telling whether you’re dealing with an infestation or not. It can also mean that the type of cockroach within your area is just smaller than the regular ones. These little critters, often called as German cockroaches, breed rapidly and only grows to about 0.6 inches in length.

Another problem that you might be dealing with is brown-banded cockroaches. These are comparatively smaller and prefers dry areas such as the walls and ceilings. Although most bugs prefer the outdoors, there are times when they get attracted to the light and will enter homes once they see it.

Facts about cockroaches

cockroaches lined up

    • Cockroaches thrive in dark and tight spaces

Once a cockroach gets inside your home, it will automatically scour for food and shelter.House Beautiful says that it will travel along baseboards until they find the perfect spot where they can get all their needs. These tiny critters often find refuge in kitchen cabinets, attics, and the spaces behind and under your refrigerator.

    • They live on empty cardboard boxes

You should also check the packages that get delivered into your home. More often than not, these corrugated card boxes provide the perfect haven for cockroaches. It’s best to take a closer look at the delivery boxes before you bring them inside. Aside from the boxes, you should also look at your electronics. Roaches find comfort in tight spaces because of the heat they provide. Check any used TV or computer before you bring them inside.

Get pest control assistance

Pest control guy

If you’re dealing with large cockroach infestations, then it’s best to bring in the big guns by asking for professional pest control assistance in New England. Ask for tips to help you permanently get rid of these pests for good. There are times when calling for professional help won’t do you any good because of the sanitation issues that you have in your home.

It’s best to deal with these nasty critters before the situation becomes problematic. Remember that cockroaches carry harmful bacteria which can affect everyone inside your home. If you feel like you’re dealing with an infestation, then call the local experts to help you with it. Keep your place clean all the time so you won’t attract any of them again.

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