Create an Intimate Venue Experience with These Ideas

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Venues come in various sizes from a garden to an old mansion to a hotel. Keeping all guest happy and creating memorable experiences is a difficult task to undertake, especially in a large venue. However, it is possible to make the event feel intimate despite the size of your chosen place.

When choosing a wedding or reunion venue in Salt Lake City, expert planners cite the following ideas that can make your special occasion feel intimate.

Seating Arrangement

To maximize the space of your venue and create an intimate atmosphere, use rectangular or square tables instead of round ones. Decorators agree that this adjustment takes up room faster and still have enough for guests. Rectangle tables are also practical and functional because they allow for fluid traffic flow in the room, and you can put them against a wall without sacrificing too much space.

Lower the Ceiling

This doesn’t mean you literally have to lower the ceiling, only make it appear so. Use curtains, chandeliers, Christmas lights, paper lanterns, flowers, plants or others to achieve this effect. The space this consumes encourages people to sit a bit closer to each other when they start conversations. The appearance of a smaller venue makes it intimate and less overwhelming.

Activities Galore

A passive event where people just and drink too much will be just like any other your guests have been to. Spice things up by including activities in the program. This can be as engaging as preparing for performances before the occasion or as simple as installing a photo booth in the venue. You can also conduct games on the day itself to break the ice. The activities you will do depend on the level of intimacy and closeness of the groups invited.

Install Food and Drink Stations

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The typical event setup is a sit-down dinner where guests don’t have to stand up, and waiters or waitresses bring them everything they need. This is a good approach, but if you want to “shrink” a room and make it intimate, installing food and drink stations is a good idea. This occupies space and makes guests get up and serve themselves. This is an excellent way to encourage interactions among friends and families. They also get to choose the food and drink they want to have.

Add a Lounge Area

The dining area is an excellent place to tell stories and get to know each other; however, creating a separate lounge space makes an event more intimate. These comfy spots have an intimate atmosphere where guests can let their hair down, sip a drink, and just talk about random things with others. Install comfortable sofas, pillows and ambient lighting to set the mood.

A Touch of Green

Plants and trees occupy dead spaces and bring life to a venue. Consider a place that has trees such as a garden or estate. The presence of trees creates an intimate ambiance, and they naturally divide spaces or encourage closeness among guests.

These ideas create an intimate atmosphere for a memorable event, whether it is a wedding or reunion. Consult with an event planner to implement your vision and get the result you want.

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