Be the Best Sister and Gift Giver All Year Round

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Residents of Phoenix know the importance of showing support to their friends, family, or even colleagues. When someone has achieved something, whether it’s major or minor, you want to show up with something that will make them feel your heartfelt support. You don’t have to buy something expensive every time, but on special occasions, they expect a little something extra.

There are birthdays, promotions, weddings, and holidays to buy gifts for. For the holidays, you can simply go online and purchase items in bulk to give to everyone. When it’s your sister’s birthday, however, you need to be more creative.

What’s Your Reputation as a Gift Giver?

No one wants to keep tabs, but people remember the kinds of gifts that you give. If you’re known as the sister who always gives out towels, socks, and other boring items, they won’t expect much from you. When you go for the latest gadgets, that’s a different reputation, but it also makes you predictable. You’ll find them not buying a device that they love because they know that you’ll buy it for them. It takes the fun out of gift giving, and your reputation as a sister becomes stagnant.

If you want to surprise your siblings, go with unique gifts. Don’t get comfortable with just one category. You can repeat gifts after a few years, as long as you don’t do it consecutively. For instance, if you buy them jewelry for their birthday, you can give them clothes for the holidays and a different kind of accessory for next year’s birthday.

Unspoken Competition


If you’re the parent of a child, you know that there’s an unspoken competition going on when it comes to party favors. When a child comes home with favors from a friend’s party, the mother assesses the contents and gets ideas for their child’s turn to throw a party. When they see expensive items thrown in there, they frown because they will have to measure against that.

Though you’re not a child, and you might not be a parent, the gifts that you give are still measured against what other people give you in return. Stick to a reasonable price, but don’t go too cheap or too expensive. You’re showing your appreciation in the form of the gift; you’re not trying to show off.

Personalization Is King

You can get top shelf items and gadgets for every occasion, but nothing beats the feeling of receiving items that a person won’t easily see in stores. That new Apple gadget that you’re planning to give them will surely be a sight for sore eyes, and it’s quite expensive, too, so they will be thankful. Still, if you give them an accessory or clothing item that is uniquely theirs, not mass produced, they will remember it long after it’s gone. Gadgets lose some of their relevance as soon as the latest flagship product arrives. Your unique gift will stay special no matter what.

Gift-giving is an art that’s rooted in emotions and relationships. You’re showing gratitude, support, and appreciation. A thoughtless gift simply falls short.

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