First Anniversary Gifts That Will Stay With Her for All Time

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Congratulations! You have officially transitioned from being newlyweds and are celebrating one of the most important milestones as a married couple – your first wedding anniversary. Finding the perfect present can be daunting on your first year as husband and wife. After all, even though you are already married, you still want to impress your wife with a thoughtful present to cherish for a long time.

Custom Jewelry

Jewelry is a classy and timeless choice for an anniversary present. It’s a gift that your wife will have for a lifetime and beyond because after all, diamonds are forever. But why don’t you go the extra mile and have a one of a kind piece made just for her? Getting your wife a custom piece of jewelry will not only serve as a unique expression of your love, but also as a lifetime present that can be passed on to the next generations.

In Washington, jewelry stores that offer custom jewelry design services are accessible. You don’t have to splurge on an extravagant piece either. It can simply include your wife’s birthstone or her favorite gem. Artists will help you craft the perfect piece while keeping your preferred style and budget in mind. A custom ring or necklace is something personal that your spouse can wear every day. It will reflect how much thought and love you put into getting her a very special present for a very special occasion.

An Experiential Gift

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Giving the gift of a memorable experience is a growing trend among gift-givers today. But unlike material things, giving an experience as a gift requires pre-planning. Budget, availability, and yours and your wife’s schedules should be taken into account once you start organizing your experiential gift. But the most important thing to consider is your wife’s interests. This should be the basis of your whole preparation and execution.

If you’re a pair who likes to travel, surprise her with plane tickets for a spontaneous weekend away from the city. It doesn’t have to be at a fancy destination overseas, either. A local vacation spot such as a beach she’s been wanting to visit or a ski trip in the Alps would be perfect for a few days of R&R. Other options include taking her to a theatrical play or on a culinary exploration. Another great idea is to do an activity that you haven’t done before as a couple like bungee jumping or rafting. The most important aspects of an experiential gift are the memories it will make; thoughts that will last a lifetime.

Giving your wife a gift that will last ensures that she will remember how you two spent the first 365 days of your marriage. It’s only right for you and your wife to celebrate this milestone the extra way as it marks the first of many years of wedded bliss. So whether you’re giving her a beautiful custom piece of jewelry or you’re taking her on an adventure of a lifetime, make sure she knows that you’ll love her for all eternity.

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