Top 4 Family-Friendly Dog Breeds

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So, you and your family have decided to adopt a dog. As we all know, these furbabies are known to be the best pets you can ever have. Keep in mind however that each dog breed is different. They have their personalities or temperament. Some breed may also have special needs. Hopefully, this guideline may help you choose the best family dog.

Factors you Need to Consider

These are the three main factors you should consider when getting a new dog:

    1. Temperament – This refers to the dog’s personality, and should be the first consideration people should look into when looking for a new furbaby. As mentioned, each dog breed is different. Some are more outgoing and friendly, while some are calmer. Usually smaller breeds like Chihuahua, Pomeranian, and Jack Russel Terrier have high energy levels. On the other hand, Labrador Retrievers, English Bulldogs, Saint Bernards, and Great Danes are usually calmer. Dog enthusiasts even call the “gentle giants”.
    1. Size – Size is another vital thing you should consider. Other than this could be related to the dog’s temperament; there are several things you need in check. If you’re planning to keep a larger breed, make sure there’s enough space for them at your place. Be prepared financially, as well. Some larger breeds require about 5 cups of kibbles per serving.
    1. Special Needs – As mentioned earlier, some dogs may have special needs. This includes hygiene, physical activities, and even diet. For example, you need to pay more attention to certain dog breeds with multiple folds. Long-haired dogs also require regular grooming to prevent tangled fur. Some breeds like English Bulldogs and American Bullies need a well-balanced diet as they are prone to skin diseases.

Popular Family-Friendly Dog Breeds

Different dog breeds

Moving on to choosing a specific dog breed, here’s a list recommended by enthusiasts and experienced breeders:

    1. Golden Retriever

This breed is known for being one of the most loyal and smartest dog. They have the ideal temperament making it easier for youngsters to bond with them. They are not aggressive nor timid. Golden Retrievers are also easy to train. Keep in mind however that they need more exercise compared to other dog breeds.

    1. Labrador Retriever

Labradors one of the most popular breeds ever since for many good reasons. Just like Golden Retrievers, their temperament is well-balanced, which is ideal for young children, as well. Labs are also highly intelligent and could be very active. In fact, most labs are excellent swimmers. While this breed is known for their strength, they are obedient and loyal to their owner.

    1. Beagle

If you’re looking for low-maintenance small dog breeds, Beagle is your best choice. They also have a calm temperament, making them an ideal family pet. They can also be outgoing and love to exercise as they are kept as hunting dogs.

    1. Bulldog

Bulldogs are sweet and charismatic. They are docile, friendly, and very loyal. Keep in mind however that this breed requires extra-care when it comes to hygiene. Make sure to clean their folds around their face with warm water and baby soap.

These are just some of the few things you need to know before getting a new dog. For first-time furrents, you might want to look for dog obedience training in Jacksonville, FL to help you correct particular behavior.

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