The Benefits Of Company Wellness Programs For Employers And Employees

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Most recently, more and more companies are now adding wellness programs as one of the benefits of working for their company. They do this to attract more employees and increase their employee retention rates.

Services such as massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga classes, and other similar relaxation techniques are being added to employees’ compensation and benefits packages.

The wisdom in incorporating these programs into their operations result in increased productivity, greater creativity, reduced stress and anxiety, and better overall health of everyone in the workplace.

The truth is, though it may seem that the employees have the upper hand in this situation, the employers also reap a good return on their investment.

How Employers Benefit

It is found that companies that incorporated wellness programs into their operations have seen a significant boost in employee performance. Employee morale is at an all-time high which leads to a greater drive to excel at work.

So how do programs like massage therapy or yoga sessions affect a company?

Minimizes employee absences

There have already been a lot of studies that prove how people exposed to high levels of stress have weaker immune systems. Because therapy sessions tend to lessen stress and anxiety, the workers are generally healthier in mind, body, and spirit. The healthier they are, the less sick leaves are used.

Reduces employee turnover rates

Although it might seem like a shallow reason for staying in a company, wellness programs are a great way of attracting and retaining employees. Employees who work for companies that offer these types of programs typically are happier and more satisfied with where they are that moving to another company is far from their minds.

Increases company productivity

Integrating corporate wellness programs into your business leads to a happier and more productive workplace given that the workers are happier, healthier, and highly motivated. Your people think more clearly and creatively, leading to a significant improvement in their problem-solving skills.

How Employees Benefit

Anyone who is given these types of wellness activities, especially access to a regular massage program at work, will definitely feel the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of such programs.

This is a great way for your people to have a healthy work-life balance at work and enjoy being in your company.

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Improved overall health

Employees who are exposed to massages, acupuncture sessions, and yoga begin to feel relief from stress and other bothersome physical pains that result in poor performance both in and out of work.

Increased sense of value in the company

If a worker feels that the company is concerned about them as an individual instead of just a mere piece of the pie — a means to an end, if you will — they start to develop a greater appreciation and a deeper love for the company. In most cases, disgruntled employees resign because they feel that they are not valued and cared for in their workplaces.

Greater drive to perform at work

Employees who feel that they are well taken care of and appreciated will more likely go beyond 100% in their work output. Other than being focused and energized because of the wellness program, this is their way of showing their appreciation for the company and their bosses.

Providing your employees with perks and benefits that cater to their well-being is a win for any company. The more the employees feel they are valued, the more motivated they are to give their best at work. Programs that take care of employees’ health and wellness are cost-effective ways that will boost your workers’ morale and your company’s productivity.

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