The Unknown Rock N’ Roll Lifestyle. Things We Can Learn and Apply

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The “Rock N’ Roll Lifestyle” has always had some negative perceptions. It has always been associated with endless parties, alcoholism, and drug use. The kind of life that parents wish their kids will avoid. But what many teenagers are trying to imitate.

This kind of lifestyle has also become the object of media frenzy. From riots to sex tapes, stories that put most rock bands in a bad light. Magazines and documentaries on this topic have been circulating. Even other bands who practice sobriety are put in the same basket.

These issues are even magnified by real-life evidence. Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of 90’s grunge music icon Nirvana, died of a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. Jim Morrison is a singer of the ’70s classic rock band The Doors. He died of heart failure allegedly related to drug and alcohol abuse. Janis Joplin died of a heroin overdose in 1970. Jimi Hendrix died of asphyxiation after an overdose of prescribed sleeping pills.

There is also a list of rock music icons who died violent deaths. John Lennon was shot in front of his New York City home. Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. Both died in a drive-by shooting incident. While Marvin Gaye and Run DMC DJ “Jam Master Jay” were both murdered.

This is the reason most fans only remember the music, but not the life. They want to have the skills, but not the lifestyle. They want to emulate the artistry but avoid personal stories. And they want the achievements, not the tragedy.

But there is another side to the rock n’ roll lifestyle. A lifestyle that is mostly unheard-of. Something that is often ignored. One that is perceived to be soft compared to the news that the media has blown up into bigger proportions. The media almost rarely reports that there are rock stars who chose to live healthily. Rock icons who lived a lifestyle of personal and physical discipline. Some have lived clean since day one. While some lived that “life at the fast lane” but already took the 180-degree turn later on in life. Most of them still rock up to this day.

This guide will share what they do to keep in shape and live healthy lives. And all the information you will get is the most basic and easy to do. But these are stories of rock stars we all wish to become. Their music has influenced us, and the life they live may influence us some more.

3 Rock N’ Roll Lifestyles We Can Emulate

#1. Eat Healthy

Lenny Kravitz loves visiting the organic market or the farmer’s market. He loves to pick up some carrots, kale, spinach, garlic because of the health benefits he gets from them. And he keeps a Champion juicer with him all the time. He still drinks champagne, eats pastries, and culinary food. But eat them in moderation.

healthy food

Sting kept a macrobiotic diet all these years. This diet consists of plenty of grains and vegetables, with little to no processed foods. He makes sure to keep his meat, dairy, and sugar consumption at a minimum. He grows his own food and grows over 50 different types of organic vegetables and fruits.

Sting also raises chickens and turkeys in the vicinity of his home. He maintains a small lake where he can grow and catch his own fish. When his band is on tour, he brings a personal chef with him at all times to make sure he eats what his diet requires. Sting is already in his mid-60’s. But can still perform a 2-hour concert with full energy.

#2. Work Out and Physical Activities

Mick Jagger of the legendary rock n’ roll icons Rolling Stones treats each performance as a physical workout. At one time a song about him became a hit with the lyrics “move like Jagger” inspired by his leg kicks and stage jumping. And he attributes this to his love for ballet, Pilates, and yoga. On tour, he brings with him a personal trainer as he trains six days per week. His training includes running 8 miles a day, kickboxing, swimming, and cycling.

Anthony Keidis of ’90s band Red Hot Chili Peppers posed for Men’s Fitness magazine. He is already in his 50’s. And his normal physical activities are surfing and swimming in chlorine-free pools. He does long jogs with his dog in the Hollywood Hills. He drinks gallons of water every morning and eats dinner before 6 pm on a vegan diet.

#3 Rest and Physical Care

Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses shared in an interview that by the time the band spent 28 months touring for the Use Your Illusion albums, they brought a staff of 100 people. They not only have backup girl singers, a horn section, and an extra keyboard player. But they make sure to bring chiropractors, masseuses, a yoga coach, and a tattoo artist.

The band performs for 3 straight hours, non-stop. Vocalist Axl Rose, guitarist Slash, and bassist Duff McKagan are already in their 50’s. So a long show may be enjoyable, but they usually end up with all sorts of body pains. That’s where the masseuse becomes a backup of the band, so they can rejuvenate and get some rest. They also get chiropractic treatment sessions for low back pain. And some yoga for meditation and relaxation.   We loved the rock stars we featured for their music. Now we found something to emulate in their personal lives.

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