Quarantine Might Be the Right Time to Learn Being Alone

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The coronavirus pandemic has created an unusual case of self-isolation. This time, it’s no longer self-imposed but a social obligation.

Because people are basically forced to stay in their homes, some are feeling a little too lonely. In the UK, 24 percent of adults said that they felt lonely in the first few weeks of the lockdown. When the lockdown began, the percentage of young adults who felt lonely rose from 16 percent to 44 percent.

There are many ways to beat feelings of loneliness, but this era of quarantine may be the best time to become comfortable being alone. According to Abigail Brenner MD, spending time alone allows a person to be introspective and discover themselves in the process. It also benefits their relationship because they are well-aware of their wants and needs.

In the time of quarantine and social distancing, you can look at the possibility that the things you usually do with your friends can be done on your own. Hopefully, these can lead to a realization that spending time alone can still be fun.

Enjoy Home-Cooked Meals

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Cooking and eating are commonly linked to social endeavors, so doing them alone could compel people to feel sad. However, enjoying these simple activities alone gives you time to hang out with yourself.

One of the benefits of cooking your meals is that you learn a new set of skills while feeling a little calmer and consuming fewer calories. As cited in a Harvard Health Publishing article, “People find personal satisfaction in cooking for themselves or come to view the experience as [a] way to tap into their creativity.”

Join a Lip Sync Battle

Who would have thought RuPaul’s Drag Race would hold their finale via Zoom? It’s crazy, but these unprecedented times are really pushing limits—even for the biggest productions. What makes it fun, though, is the idea that you don’t need a fancy stage and lighting to do a lip-sync of your own.

You can move some pieces of living room furniture to the side. Once you’ve created a space in the middle of the room, death drops and splits are now on the table. Plus, making a costume would be a great, creative way to pass the extra time from quarantine. Now, all you need is the perfect song to capture the moment.

Solo Dance Party

As others would say, parties might now be “a thing of the past.” If you’re one to miss the loud music and the dancing, you can still do it in the comfort of your home. Blast some music and dance around. The best thing about this is that you won’t have to worry about anyone judging you.

Bust out your best moves. Do the running man terribly. Pretend you’re Beyonce in Coachella. Maybe this could be the after party of the lip sync battle. There are no limits!

Feelings of loneliness are valid, and it’s completely understandable to feel such things in the middle of a pandemic. On the bright side, being alone and loneliness does not come as a package deal. Learning to be comfortable being alone can be a good start to coping with this pandemic.

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