Lifestyle Trends in Travel, Beauty, Exercise, and Nutrition

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As younger generations become more and more in tune with technological development, trends continue to change. Four examples of this can be seen in lifestyle changes pertaining to travel, beauty, exercise, and nutrition.

Let us look at each one of them in more detail.

Travel: the Globetrotter

One of the most interesting cultural traditions in the world is found in the Central Asian country of Mongolia. The land of the great Genghis Khan is still populated by a wide variety of nomadic tribes living in yurts and moving from one place to another every couple of months.

Is this a stable way to raise a family and secure employment? Wouldn’t it be better to stay in one place, buy a house, have children, and grow a traditional family?

Answers to these questions are anything but clear-cut. In Western societies, nomadic cultures went extinct centuries ago. Yet, we see a rebirth of the globetrotting personality.

With the geometric growth of the internet and online positions, young people don’t need to stay in a single locale. Rather, they can find affordable housing in different countries and move once or twice a year.

Beauty: Portable Technology

Few men and even fewer women would say no to a day at the spa. Imagine yourself spending three to four hours in a place filled with comfort, good smells, and nurturing experiences. You could start by relaxing in a jacuzzi filled with herbal essences to relieve your body from stress and cultivate your inner health. You could then get an hour-long massage followed by a beauty routine including steam therapy and a facial.

Today, you can do this in the comfort of your own home. Aside from being affordable, it will also save you a lot of time. Even better, the results are just as effective as if you were to go to a high-end facility.

With products such as Panasonic’s Facial Ionic Steamer or Micro-foaming cleansing device and Kairetool’s Essential Matte, being young, vibrant, and beautiful are all at the touch of your fingertips. You can use them in the shower or outside of it, watching TV or ironing the clothes, and even while you sleep.

Exercise: Cognitive Workouts

man exercising gym

When people think about exercise, they think about the body and how to make it slimmer, faster, and more energetic. There are hundreds of workouts available based on age, gender, availability, expectations, and everything else.

Of course, being physically fit is essential if you want to have a longer, better quality of life. But the mind is also important, more so now than at any other moment. We live in a competitive world where speaking more fluently, writing better, thinking faster, and managing more efficiently can be the difference between a high salary and being unemployed.

Enter cognitive workout apps like Elevate and Lumosity, the future in mental exercise. With a long list of games, contests, exercises, and short tests, these platforms measure your current ability to think on your feet and then create customized programs to help you achieve your professional and personal goals. Most of them come with free trial versions you can then either buy for a one-time lifetime fee or subscribe to on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

Nutrition: Healthy Comfort Food

The term comfort food is synonymous with junk. After a long day at the office, the last thing most people want is to spend hours upon hours in the kitchen preparing a healthy salmon steak with sauteed broccoli, a baked sweet potato, and a glass of guava or mangosteen juice. What they want is a juicy burger and a can of Coca-Cola, a pepperoni pizza, or a plate of mouth-watering buffalo wings.

You will be hard-pressed to find one, let alone several people who actually enjoy-eating brown rice. As most will tell you, they don’t do it because of the taste or how exquisite it feels in your mouth. But it is much healthier than white rice, and you should make the sacrifice to eat it at least during the week, shouldn’t you?

The answer is no. You can eat what makes you happy and at the same time be mindful of the number of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and protein a dish contains. Many healthy recipes will also satisfy your cravings, as will restaurants using low-calorie ingredients in desserts that cater to your sweet tooth.

As we have seen, there are four clear lifestyle trends currently at the forefront. People want to live abroad instead of just traveling. They also want affordable and convenient beauty products as well as workouts for the brain. Finally, they still love comfort food, albeit in different forms.

Societal development has brought the need for change, and things continue to get faster, cheaper, and better than ever.

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