How Magnesium Deficiency Affects a Person With Chronic Fatigue

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A few chronic medical conditions can cause a patient’s muscles to wear out much faster than usual. Some even cause a person to feel easily fatigued. Meanwhile, some infections can cause a person’s muscles to falter or fail while in the midst of moving.

Medical News Today says that chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) causes a person to experience unexplained fatigue, which doctors can’t relate to an existing condition. People with this type of medical condition often experience sleep problems as well as tiredness. Some even experience pain, muscle weakness, and dizziness, too. But what can cause such a condition to arise?

Magnesium deficiency in CFS

There isn’t any definite cause for CFS. Triggers can vary from one person to another and can start as flu or extreme stress. But a few experts believe that reduced magnesium levels in the body can cause a person to develop CFS.

Studies have shown that magnesium deficiency could cause both cellular and humoral defense disturbances. Even more, it’s also a symptom of mitochondrial failure. Once that happens, ProHealth says that the calcium found in the cells will start to leak together with the magnesium.

Benefits of magnesium

Most people with CFS who take magnesium feel an increase in stamina and energy. A few benefits also include better sleep and increased energy. Meanwhile, other people who take magnesium use it to manage their insomnia and reduce oxidative stress. It can also be perfect as an immune system regulator and best of all, it typically comes at a low price.

Magnesium is abundant in green, leafy vegetables and is also available in nuts and seeds. Since magnesium plays a crucial role in conveying impulses throughout the nervous system, lack of it can cause multiple health problems, including CFS.

Diagnosing and treating CFS

Being diagnosed with chronic fatigue

If you experience any of the symptoms, it’s a must to run a diagnostic test to check the probability of the disease. Running a diagnostic test will give you the certainty that you need to make an informed decision.   There aren’t any treatments available to cure all cases of chronic fatigue in Salt Lake City. But some medications can help manage the disorder.

Since the symptoms can vary from one person to another, various treatments are available to ease them. Doctors can prescribe medications that can provide a patient with enough help to restore his or her daily living. They often prescribe a low dose of medicine once the patient starts his treatment. They will then progressively increase the dosage as needed.

People with chronic fatigue tend to be highly sensitive medications and chemicals. That’s why it’s best to work with a doctor to help monitor any potential side effects. These are only a few facts that you need to know about CFS. Although this chronic condition can affect the way a person lives, there are ways to help them manage their daily lives. Using calendars or daily planners can help them with memory issues. Meanwhile, going for therapy can help them cope with their inner struggles.

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