Home Remedies: Making Your Pearly Whites Stay White

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How confident are you with your smile? It is a human expression that has a universal meaning. If you get awkward doing it during photo shoots or when you are hanging out with friends, you may want to look at visiting your nearby cosmetic dentistry clinic. The specialists there can help you with whatever is bothering you, whether that is the alignment of your teeth or if those have discoloration. Just set up an appointment, and you should be good to go. Some people were scared of dentists when they were kids. If you still have that fear, try your best to shake it. The apparatus may look intimidating, but they pose no danger or threat to you. Spending a few hours of your time to fix your mouth problem would be infinitely better than covering your mouth every time you feel like laughing or smiling anyway.

One of the common problems related to teeth is when they turn yellow. Is this something that you can solve? There are home remedies that can help.

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

Each of your teeth is composed of several layers. The enamel is a protective coating that keeps it away from bacteria and being damaged physically. But people have to eat, and the act of chewing constantly will cause this layer to erode. When enough of it has been shed off, it will expose your dentin. That is a deeper layer of your tooth that sports that yellowish color.

Enamel erosion gets accelerated when you eat sugary foods and drink too much coffee. Some bacteria love to dine on the sweet stuff, and they also cause the enamel to peel away. That can be alleviated by regular brushing and flossing. But some people saeem to forget to do those after every meal. These habits are instilled in you when you were a kid, and they are habits that you should continue doing for the rest of your life. Not only will they keep your teeth clean and white, but your breath will stay smelling fresh too.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the most versatile items in your house. It is known to fight odors well and takes moisture away. That is why you see people using it to line the bottom of their garbage bins to minimize the smell. You can also put it over a wet patch of your carpet to make it dry quickly. It can also be an effective teeth cleanser or an alternative to toothpaste because it has abrasive properties. That means that whatever bacteria is stuck on your teeth, baking soda is there to help you scrape them off.

Baking soda can also increase the alkaline levels in your mouth. It will allow you to produce more saliva so you can flush down any food particles that are in your mouth, including those in the deepest corners.



Now, this must be something you will like. A lot of people love to eat strawberries, including you. If you like eating them, you will be glad to know that they can help whiten your teeth. This fruit contains malic acid, and this gives it that tangy taste that you know and love. It is a chemical that can help strengthen enamel, and that should help you smile better.

Oil Pulling

If you are used to gargling with water, then prepare yourself for a surprise. Oil pulling is swirling your mouth with your choice of edible oil. It can help get rid of matter stuck on your teeth’s surface or inside the crevices. Not only that, but it can also flush out bacteria. That is an ancient method of mouth cleansing. It may have ceded its popularity to newer ways, but its relevance can still be felt today.

Water Therapy

Putting yourself on water therapy should not be a problem for you. After all, water is an abundant resource. You can get it from your tap, and you can see it being sold in bottle form when you visit convenience stores and groceries. Having a drink of it after a meal lets you rinse away the excess food and flushes that straight to the digestive system. It also helps balance the acidity level in your mouth as it also contains alkaline.

So having yellow teeth means that some of its protection has been peeled off. You can get that back to being healthy again by practicing the essential habits. If you find yourself forgetting to brush or floss your teeth, do not wait until you see yourself in the mirror having a yellowed grin. But if it is too late for that, do not worry. You can try out these remedies, and the great thing about them is they are right at home.

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