Factors to Consider to Get the Most Out of Your Private Pool

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A swimming pool inside a property is a significant investment. Some statistics say that pools, on average, add at least 7% to a property’s value. Aside from increasing the looks and resale value of a house, installing a swimming pool also provides several other benefits.

  • A swimming pool provides an excellent venue for family bonding. The liberating atmosphere of a pool helps build a lifetime of positive memories. Generally, it is challenging to find activities that are enjoyable for people across different age groups. A pool, however, is a perfect place where everyone – from children to parents to even grandparents – can bond and enjoy.
  • A great workout place right inside the property. Swimming is a great way to get in shape. It involves all body parts making it the ideal activity to stay healthy and shave a few pounds without the sweating, the expensive gym fees, and at the comforts of a private backyard.
  • Swimming  provides stress relief. Any physical activity stimulates the brain to release neurochemicals that make the body feel good, thereby reducing stress. Instead of spending hundreds at a spa or thousands on beach getaways, a swimming pool can be the perfect stress-relief cure right inside a private property.

Here are two key factors that homeowners should consider when they’ve decided to build or still to ponder over a decision to install a pool in their property:


As one of the largest components in a backyard, the swimming pool requires thoughtful planning and design. It must be able to accommodate a deck, adjoining patios and a surrounding landscape. The right design will play a significant role in ensuring that homeowners can get the most out of their pool.

If a  swimming pool is primarily installed for exercise, a rectangle shape will be the best option. On the other hand, if a pool is built as a relaxing outdoor spot for family and friends, there are several rounded or irregular pool shapes to choose from.

Landscape installation in Park City is another challenge for many property owners. Choosing the right pool plants means careful considerations on plant maintenance, scent and size. Like any other pool features, such as lighting or water, proper landscaping can enhance the aesthetic value a pool offers.


Pool owners will have to consider a number of factors in ensuring they have their pools installed at the best location. For instance, sun exposure. Track where direct sunshine touches in your yard during the summer. This will provide one important requirement for a good spot for a pool.

Another consideration would be the location of trees and other plants. Trees close to a pool are usually alright but a good rule of thumb is to avoid having branches hanging directly over the water. Lots of leaves falling in a pool can quickly become a maintenance nightmare for any homeowner.


Residential inground swimming pool

While Utah does not have specific guidelines for private pools, there are recommended safety standards and restrictions published by the US Consumer Product Safety Committee. These standards are put in place to prevent injuries or death.

Private pool owners who are found to be neglectful of maintaining these safety standards may be found liable through the attractive nuisance doctrine.

Having a swimming pool in the comforts of a private backyard have a number of advantages that the whole family can benefit. Like any other property installations, however, proper planning ensures that the pool not only complements the design of a house, but it also ensures that homeowners can get a higher ROI out of their pools.

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