Destination Funerals: A Traveler’s Final Vacation

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It is no secret that a lot of tables have turned as soon as the 21st century stepped in. Many trends have come and gone — from fashion and food down to technology. Unusual traditions have risen to the surface, breaking the norms of what our society is used to. And now, those unusual traditions have trickled down to the funeral industry as well.   When we say “funeral”, people will automatically have an idea of what the event would look and feel like. Or so they thought. With the ongoing unique and unusual trends that people see on social media nowadays, it is no surprise that some people’s funeral planning includes non-traditional ceremonies for their loved ones to bid their goodbyes. While some may think of it as a taboo subject, planning your own funeral arrangements proves a lot more beneficial for you and your family in the long run.   When you plan your own funeral, it becomes a lot more sentimental and personal even when you aren’t there. It could be something that highlights your personality or interests. Or it could be somewhere that holds a special place in your heart.

Destination funerals for the travelers at heart

Among these trends, is the rise of what we call destination funerals. Destination events usually hold weddings and birthdays as a unique celebration — and now, funerals are not an exception. This is the perfect resting interment for those who love to travel and still want to be in their nature once they kick the bucket.

Planning a destination funeral allows your final goodbyes to be in your element. It will also serve as a tribute to what your heart holds the most: wondrous places and traveling. You get to pick where you are going to be laid to rest and memorialize yourself in a way that your loved ones will also appreciate. However, as ironically fun as this may sound, you must still be wary of all the preparations you need to do beforehand:

  • The final location of your resting place. This is where you need to reflect upon yourself on where you want to be buried once your untimely passing comes. If you love going to the mountains, then you may decide to bury your remains out there. There is no limit on where you decide you would be buried when it comes to destination funerals. It could be in your family’s home garden, the ocean, or a tourist attraction that is close to your heart.However, while this may sound easy, you still have to consider the following costs that come with the destination you picked as well. The place ideal for you could be inconvenient for your family and friends once the time comes.
  • The paperwork. Planning for your funeral is not easy, especially with the number of paperwork involved. Seek proper authorities to find out what documents you need beforehand. It must include all proper permissions on what needs to be done with your body when laid at rest.
  • Transportation. Together with your documents, it is important to cooperate with the transportation authorities you wish would handle your funeral. Most airline companies would require legal authorization and conditions set for your body. Some also consider urns as part of the luggage. This is to ensure that the transportation of your body, along with your friends and family, will experience no legal complications in the process.
  • The funeral itself. Because destination funerals are quite different from traditional ones, you will also have to plan out and adjust the ceremony for yourself. Depending on the location, destination funerals may not be cheap so you should plan out only what you can afford. You must also plan out your preferences beforehand to ensure that the program will be laid out well. Usually, the closest family and friends are the only ones involved in a destination funeral, and it would be wise if you stick to this.That way, there will be no financial constraints regarding the transportation and the ceremony itself. Memorials in this kind of funeral are much simpler especially when it is in a faraway place. Consider leaving the extravagance behind such as hiring choirs if you think you or your family would not be able to afford it.

Final plans and thoughts

Some people may indeed be weirded out when it comes to planning their funeral. But that’s the way it is — we all are heading towards the same finish line. It is an inevitable circumstance and one that is quite unpredictable. There is nothing wrong with planning and desiring what you want even when you have already left this world. If you want to fulfill your traveler’s heart’s desire even beyond the grave, then go for it! Nothing beats the thought of having your loved ones lay you to rest in a place that is special to you.

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