Back Pains: A Closer Look at the Common Condition

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Grandparents who play with their grandchildren over the weekend often experience a bout of back pain come Monday. More often than not, such pain will go away by itself or with rest and the right home remedy. Then there are ones who suffer from chronic back pain due to various medical conditions such as fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.

Because back pain comes in different types and intensity, it is important to understand the type of pain that you are suffering from in order to properly address it. A car injury chiropractor in Salt Lake City or other metropolitan areas can help treat pains related to accidents. But if your back pain is caused by simply sleeping in an awkward position the night before, such treatments might not be necessary.

In order to have the right approach to treat or manage back pain right at its core, understanding factors that comprise it is necessary.

Back pain comes in different types and region

Pain at the back of your neck is a type of back pain, so is the one near your tail bone. Because the back is a huge part of the body, it is natural for the pain to come from various parts. More often than not, the location of one’s back pain helps determine its cause. A herniated disc causes pain in one’s lower back. If you have pain at the back of your neck due to a recent car accident, it might be because your cervical disc might be damaged.

woman with neck and lower back pain

There are different causes of back pain

Accidents, overstretching, and strains are the most common causes of back pain. Someone who has a back posture or sleeping position can also suffer from chronic pain. However, back pain is not always about one’s physical positioning. Sometimes, it is a manifestation of other medical conditions.

People with a kidney stone or inflamed kidney can experience a certain degree of back pain. Those who have tumors in their spine will also experience pain in the area. Because back pain can be a manifestation of other more serious medical conditions, it is important to work with a doctor who carefully treats the problem to the core and not just one who addresses just the symptoms.

Various ways to manage back pain

How one manages back pain will be dependent on the type of condition they have and the severity of the pain. In most cases, giving yourself ample rest will do the trick. Getting a regular massage, popping over the counter pain relievers, or putting some cold or warm compress can ease the pain for some people. Others find comfort with the help of a chiropractor, through regular yoga and pilates sessions, or by simply having an active lifestyle.

If you are suffering from back pain, consult a health professional and see how you can relieve yourself from the discomfort. Back pains are a common condition and there are many tried and tested ways to help you feel relieved. All you need is patience, discipline, and the right method to manage it.

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